Why Do Some Doctors Care So Much about “Judicial Philosophy” and “Tort Reform”?

This update is to provide background and history on the issue of medical liability insurance and Ohio’s tort reform law – items that have potential relevance in the Ohio Supreme Court races on the November ballot.

As a local medical society, the CMA did not take a position on state-wide elections. The Ohio State Medical Association did issue endorsements in the Supreme Court races.  Read more

Public Policy Committee Co-Chairs

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    Drs. Stephanie Costa and William Cotton

Advocacy 101

The CMA is working to expand the capacity of Central Ohio physicians to effectively engage to public policy formation.  CMA members are welcome to join the CMA's Public Policy Committee to work with physician colleagues, or physicians can work on the issues of their own choosing, at the federal, state, or local level.

Earlier this month, Dr. Beth Liston hosted a webinar training session with 18 CMA members. More trainings will be scheduled in the future.

To provide additional support to this effort, the CMA has produced two training videos. This educational series will help prepare one for different aspects and levels of advocating in Ohio.

Meeting with Legislator: 

In this video, CMA President and Ohio House Representative, Dr. Beth Liston, walks through the steps for meeting with a legislator in the Ohio Statehouse. From making the first contact, to where to park, to tips on how to make it an impressionable interaction, this video covers it all. Check it out.   


Do you have legislative issues that you care about and would like your opinions and expertise heard by those making decisions on said issues? Then watch CMA Public Policy Committee Co-Chair, Dr. Bill Cotton, cover the basics and best practices of testifying in front of legislative committees in Ohio.  Watch now.