Who we are

At the Columbus Medical Association (CMA), we are physicians and other experts working together to support physicians and advance the community through professional advocacy, education, and services.

We empower physicians to do what they do best by giving them what they really want – and need – to be successful in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Our renown CMA Affiliates offer you – freedom, support, growth, and a chance to give back – with:

  • a powerful voice in a vibrant physician community
  • a place to learn, teach, and mentor
  • a neutral position from which to advocate for change
  • an opportunity to go beyond your expertise in the areas you serve

What happens when CMA focuses on the wellbeing of Columbus physicians? We are a community of physicians who inspire, thrive and speak out – and all of central Ohio wins.

ACCEPT THE CALL TO CMA.  Once you do, you’ll know first-hand...We’re here. And we’re always on call for you.

The Changing Role of Physicians