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Sugat Patel, MD

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Acting as President of the Columbus Medical Association is truly an honor that I sincerely value. When I was first introduced to the group, I was not fully aware of the CMA purpose. However, after learning of the Foundation’s work with the Physicians Care Clinic, the Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus, the Central Ohio Trauma System, the Physician’s Leadership Academy, and the Youth Advisory Council, I became aware of the valuable and dynamic role the CMA plays in the healthcare of our community. There is truly a wonderful group of leaders who collaborate with the Association, making it enjoyable, functional, and versatile. I implore you to visit the CMA website to learn more about these organizations.
A little bit about myself, I am a practicing Retina and Vitreous surgeon with Midwest Retina. This is a private Retina-only practice, currently with 7 doctors, servicing central Ohio. I grew up in Akron, Ohio, graduated from the Ohio State University with an electrical engineering degree, and then went straight into the OSU College of Medicine. I did my ophthalmology residency at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI, and completed my retina fellowship in Vancouver, BC at the University of British Columbia. Vancouver has become my favorite city in North America (to visit… couldn’t afford to live there). Whistler Mountain and Village is also fantastic any time of year. Smitha, my wife, grew up in Circleville and is a practicing Psychiatrist (no, I am not a patient… I think) in Marysville. I have 4 children, Divya (17), Sagar (14), Dhiren (13), and Som (10). All are soccer players and musicians, hence most of my free time is spent in a car, or running around some playing fields. Sports and cuisine (eating) are among the passions I share with my family.
I look forward to working with the wonderful physicians of the CMA in continuing the fantastic core leadership. I hope to take this unique post-pandemic time to add to the wonderful feeling we should all have as caregivers, by sharing amongst ourselves in experience and friendship. Hopefully, that will empower us to grow and prosper individually, and as an organization.

Catherine Romanos, MD

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Why CMA? What made you decide to take a leadership position?

I joined the CMA originally as a volunteer for the PCC.  The PCC was a great way to meet other healthcare providers from Columbus who cared about underserved medicine.  I have also long been interested in physician advocacy and political activism and the CMA has offered me many opportunities to join with other physicians to advocate for my patients.  

What are your clinical or professional interests?

I am a family doctor and an abortion provider.  I care deeply about reproductive justice.

What are your hobbies/interests?
Outside of medicine, I love spending time cooking, baking, eating, and drinking with friends.  In fact, my best meals in Columbus have been in friend's backyards!

What’s the best thing about being a doctor in central Ohio?
Since moving to Ohio in 2013, I have really loved providing abortion care.  However, I am gravely concerned that I will not be able to provide this medical care to patients in the future.  I am hopeful that my role in the CMA will help me to continue to advocate for Ohioians to access safe and legal abortion.  

What’s the “can’t-miss spot” for out-of-town guests visiting Columbus?
If you are new to town, don't miss the June PRIDE celebrations all over the city!!!

Immediate Past President

Beth Liston, MD

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Why CMA?
I joined the CMA because I think it is critical that we remain connected with physicians within our community. Many of us belong to subspecialty societies, but those can be quite distant. The CMA deals with local issues and provides services to doctors practicing together. It helps to build relationships with other physicians and leaders in our city and state.

Secretary- Treasurer

Ahmad Mostafavifar, MD

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Why CMA? What made you decide to take a leadership position?
CMA is a vital organization in central Ohio that looks after the interests of physician’s and their patients.
What are your clinical or professional interests?
Hospital Medicine, medical education, Sports Medicine
What are your hobbies/interests?
Cycling around central Ohio, Golfing at The Ohio State Golf Club
What’s the best thing about being a doctor in central Ohio?
We have 4 major healthcare organizations that are very strong: OhioHealth, Mount Carmel, Ohio State, Nationwide Children’s
What’s the “can’t-miss spot” for out-of-town guests visiting Columbus?
Catch a Columbus Crew game at the new Crew stadium

CMAF Board President

Marc Parnes, MD

Secretary- Treasurer- Elect

Kanny Grewal, MD

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